Introducing MYTY Kit v1.0!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of MYTY Kit v1.0!

Since releasing MYTY Kit v0.1 in July 2022, we’ve continuously improved the avatar and metaverse creation tool, further optimizing it for the Web3 social metaverse.

The all-new version 1.0 brings significant changes that will evolve the Web3 social metaverse a step further.

MYTY Kit for Avatar Creators (gitbook)
MYTY Kit for Metaverse Creators (gitbook)

What’s MYTY Kit?

MYTY Kit is an open standard for the social metaverse.

Here’s why we made it.

Immersion is key to metaverse. One way to achieve this immersion is through high-fidelity sensory stimulation from VR devices. But this is not the only way. Web3’s PFP culture demonstrates that a well-designed socioeconomic context can also bring about immersion. Over the past two years, countless PFP holders have begun expressing themselves via their PFP-defined personas. Some have even become influencers and turned a profit.

We believe such self-expression and income generation through multi-personas are the pillars of the future metaverse. We call this the “social metaverse” in contrast to a gaming one. This is where avatars come into play. As visual representations of a persona, avatars are the most crucial self-expression tool in the social metaverse.

We also envisage the Web3 social metaverse as being decentralized and composed of countless modules akin to DeFi. These modules will be interoperable and combined to generate greater summative value than one giant, centralized metaverse.

To accelerate this future, we created an open-source avatar standard for universal use across various Web3 projects and named it MYTY Kit. The first showcase application developed using this MYTY Kit is the MYTY Camera.

For more, please refer to our previous posts 👇

Who’s MYTY Kit for?

  • Avatar Creator: PFP teams looking to quickly transform their 10K+ PFP collection into a collection of live avatars. Anyone wanting to turn their favorite NFT image into a live avatar. Live avatars made using the MYTY Kit are called MYTY Avatars.
  • Metaverse Creator: Developers making Metaverse apps that use MYTY Avatars.
  • Avatar User: NFT holders seeking to diversify the expression of their PFP-defined personas. They won’t experience the MYTY Kit firsthand but do so indirectly, using the MYTY Avatars and MYTY Metaverse apps made by the creators above.

Update Highlights

1. Expanded compatibility

Previous versions of MYTY Kit supported Windows and macOS applications only. With the v1.0 update, Metaverse Creators can now use the MYTY Kit to make web and iOS apps as well. Android support is coming soon.

2. AR Face Mode: Snapchat-style AR filter support

With previous MYTY Avatars, both the avatar and the background were digital images. The newly added AR Face Mode allows Avatar Creators to produce partial avatars in the same way as Snapchat’s AR Filter. Applying the AR Face function is designed to be simple, and you’ll be able to easily create avatars that support both the existing full digital and the new AR mode.

Already have an MYTY-compatible avatar? Stay tuned for the new AR Face Mode on the upcoming version of MYTY Camera! 😉

3. Improved motion capture quality

The MYTY Kit is designed to respond to structurally diverse motion capture solutions.

Since applying motion capture solutions to the MYTY Kit is not easy for those new to the task, the MYTY development team provides sample codes. We used MediaPipe to convert landmark output into motion data that can animate avatars. But this carried certain limitations, such as delays in the motion capture data processing.

With v1.0, we have completely revamped this data conversion process. As a result, the motion capture quality of our sample code has been dramatically improved. Notably, the delay between motion capture and animation rendering has been reduced by 75%. The MYTY Avatar now responds more quickly to the user’s facial expressions and actions.

4. New avatar production method

OFF PTE. LTD. has no affiliation or relationship with the project team, the creator of the original PFP artwork above, used as a sample image for demonstration purposes.

Previously, Avatar Creators had to make every single image for sprite animation from scratch, no matter how minor the image difference was.

We’ve added a function to v1.0 that allows for assisted image generation. Once you attach a sprite image to a bone, you can generate multiple modified images by moving the bone. Each of these modified images can then be used as a separate sprite, making it easier for Avatar Creators to model various mouth or eye shapes.

This new feature will be particularly handy for avatarizing PFP collections with hundreds of trait derivatives that must be transformed by the same rules.

What’s in store for future updates

More sample codes for expanded compatibility

Expanding MYTY Kit’s compatibility to include platforms such as the Web, iOS, and Android means the need for more sample codes. For example, let’s say you’re creating an iOS application. It may take some time to figure out how to develop MYTY Avatars for both ARKit on high-performance devices and MediaPipe on low-performance ones.

That’s why MYTY will provide helpful guide documents and sample codes to cover all cases across various devices, OS and motion capture solutions. This will go a long way in fostering the proliferation of metaverses that use MYTY Avatars.

More comprehensive avatar expression methods

Avatar is the most central component of a multi-persona social metaverse. We want MYTY Avatars to fulfill better the needs of both Avatar Creators and Avatar Users.

One of the best cases of avatars being used in the social context, and one that we’re keeping a close eye on, is the burgeoning industry of virtual YouTubers. Our goal with avatar expression is to have MYTY Avatars be at a high enough standard where even professional virtual YouTubers could use them for vTubing.

To do this, we’ll continue creating various sample avatars ourselves, document our work know-how, and add new features to the MYTY Kit.


Avatar User
So far (Nov. 2022), Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, Doodles, GhostsProject, and Moonbirds have been transformed into MYTY Avatars. More projects are in the pipeline.

If you already have one of the above NFTs, download the MYTY Camera now to become your own PFP in video calls. If you don’t have an MYTY-compatible NFT yet, please visit the MYTY Discord and let us know which PFP you’d like to use as an MYTY Avatar.

Avatar Creator
If you have already created or are in the process of creating MYTY Avatars, please contact us on MYTY Discord to upgrade your existing project to MYTY Kit v1.0.

Metaverse Creator

As the number of MYTY Avatars increases, so too will the business opportunities for social metaverses using them. Both MYTY Avatars and the MYTY Kit, a metaverse production kit, are free of charge.

Refer to this document to start making your own Web3 social metaverse, or to add PFP avatars to an app that’s already in service. If you need any help along the way, our developers are ready to assist you on MYTY Discord.

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