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6 min readOct 18, 2022


MYTY believes the avatar is a crucial element in ushering in the web3 social metaverse (MYTY’s view on the social metaverse avatar), and PFP is the gateway for the social metaverse). This is why MYTY decided to first focus on onboarding different NFT PFP (profile picture) collections to our MYTY ecosystem. To achieve this grand mission, we have been tirelessly building behind the scene, and the time has finally come.

We’re very excited to announce that Doodles is now supported on the MYTY ecosystem, including MYTY Camera! Doodles is now a motion-tracked, metaverse-ready PFP collection.

Through MYTY Camera, avatars in the MYTY ecosystem can not only animate their PFPs through our motion-capture technology but also use them on any webcam-based applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, etc.

To make this happen, there were countless challenges that we had to overcome, but we’re here to highlight what Doods will be interested in.



Before moving on, let’s talk about the class. Based on the Doodles’ appearances, we have classified the Doodles as follows:

  • Human & Ape (9,759)
  • Inorganic (138)
    a. Pickel (35)
    b. Flower (34)
    c. Balloon (31)
    d. Popsicle (21)
    e. Ice Cream (17)
  • BodySuited (65)
  • Skelly (15)
  • Cat (12)
  • Alien (10)
  • Bubblegum (1)

The ‘Inorganic’ class can be split into Pickel (35), Flower (34), Balloon (31), Popsicle (21), and Ice Cream (17).

From these classes, MYTY supports Doodles with Human & Ape (9,759) and Inorganic (138) classes. That is 98.97% of the collection. Then what about the other 1.03% Doodles with Ice Cream, Balloon, Popsicle, Pickle, and Flower classes?

Exclusive Tailoring Service

Congratulations! These Doodles are extremely rare and precious gems, and we provide a free tailoring service exclusively for these rare Doodles. Those with Pickel, Flower, Balloon, Popsicle, and Ice Cream classes can open up a ticket on our Discord, and our team will tailor these Doodles without any cost. Once tailored, Doodles will be automatically supported on MYTY Camera. Simply open up a ticket on our Discord and tell us which Doodle you have. We will take care of the rest. As simple as that.

Difference Between ‘Human & Ape’ And ‘Inorganic’ Class

While integrating Doodles into the MYTY ecosystem, we have noticed that there is a big difference between Human & Ape class Doodles and Inorganic class Doodles. Brunt Toast did wonder with Doodles art.

Human & Ape class Doodles have their face and body explicitly separated, whereas those with Inorganic classifications have a unibody. Naturally, we have animations to complement the different structures.

Human class Doodle (left) and Inorganic class Doodle (right)


Just like the human body, Doodles’ traits must move independently. More specifically, the left and right eyes have to move separately as well as the mouth. Unfortunately, Doodles’ preset face trait type has eyes or glasses and a mouth illustrated in one image or layer. Thus, we have decomposed every single Doodle trait to push the limit and maximize Doodles’ range of expression.

As a result, we have decomposed one image that contains eyes or glasses and a mouth into individual images of the left eye, right eye, eyewear, and mouth.

Decomposition of Doodles’ face trait layer (‘Blue beard’ and ‘In love’ trait)
Decomposition of Doodles’ face trait layer (‘3d glasses’ trait)


MYTY ecosystem, including MYTY Camera, is an environment that allows NFTs to be animated through our motion-capture technology and be used on any webcam-based applications. To achieve the prior core function, our focus has been on animation, a continuous flow of different images.

1. Facial Expression

Doodles is a still-image PFP collection with a limited range of facial expressions. While humans naturally open and close their eyes and move their mouths, Doodles’ traits do not have these types of facial expressions. So, we have created them.

More specifically, Human & Ape and Inorganic class Doodles have 15 types of face traits. For each of these traits, we created opening and closing eye images and implemented animations that are followed by the user’s facial movement.

Types of facial expressions
Sample video of the eyes animation

Furthermore, we created four additional mouth shapes, Ah, Ee, Oh, and Oo, in addition to the Doodles’ default image.

Types of mouth expressions
Sample video of the mouth animation

2. Body, Head and Face

Through MYTY Camera, Doodles can not only express emotions but also move their body, head, and face. Let’s deep-dive into what MYTY Camera enables.

A. Body

MYTY Camera controls the Doodles’ body by tracking the position of the user’s chest. As the below visual illustrates, Doodles will move left and right, reflecting the user’s movement.

Sample video of the body movement

B. Head

Furthermore, MYTY Camera rotates the Doodle’s head based on the angle of the head viewed from the front.

Sample video of the head movement

C. Face

Lastly, MYTY Camera track’s the user’s face orientation and lets the Doodle’s face position move accordingly.

Sample video of the face movement

Physics Application

We’re not done. We wanted to create a more dynamic and attractive Doodles movement. By applying gravity, we made the avatar move more dynamically when motion-tracking the users. The visual below shows the movement of the rainbow and the helmet’s buckle strap as the Doodles move their heads.

Physics application on Doodles with rainbow (left) and helmet (right) trait

There you have it!

Through trait decomposition, fully-rigged animation, and physics application, Doodles have now become the motion-tracked, metaverse-ready PFP collection.

From now, any Doods can simply download MYTY Camera and start talking and moving as their Doodles. There’s no NFT purchase or subscription. It is completely free. All you need is a Doodle.

We have been the Doodles fan for the longest time and had so much fun developing and onboarding Doodles into our MYTY ecosystem. Doodles is one of the biggest blue-chip PFP collections that is leading the web3 space. Not only are Doodles beautifully designed by Burnt Toast, but also is the core team doing astonishing work expanding the Doodles ecosystem, carrying out IRL (in real life) events, and supporting the community initiative.

We’re proud that Doodles is now a motion-tracked, metaverse-ready PFP collection and so excited to see what Doods will do with MYTY Camera.

Bring your NFTs to life!

P.S. Guess which PFP collection will join the MYTY ecosystem next.

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